Operations Related to Textile Management

Nov 16, 2020
This facilitated online course is for health care environmental services and textile care professionals. The course provides an introduction and overview of key linen management issues such as linen utilization, abuse and loss management, infection prevention in textiles (including a discussion…
Sep 24, 2018
Encompass Group, LLC Announces Ken Tyler, VP Government Operations, Awarded Department of Veterans Affairs 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Hospital Beds

Dec 6, 2017
The efforts of the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup have culminated in FDA's release of Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guidance to Reduce Entrapment. This guidance provides recommendations for manufacturers of new hospital beds and for facilities with existing beds (…
Dec 6, 2017
Safety concerns and recommendations to help health care providers, health care facility staff, and caregivers ensure hospital bed mattress covers are safe for use in health care settings.
Apr 25, 2017
How to be more efficient in laundry operations is always a challenge, determining linen levels on par carts, communicating to end users about the cost of linen loss and misuse and safe handling practices are all skills that are needed to make the department a more value-added operation.
Apr 11, 2017
This Guideline applies to seating, tables, carts, storage and other furniture products as used in healthcare patient care. It also applies to furniture intended for use outside of patient care areas in healthcare environments as furniture is often used interchangeably between patient care and non-…
Feb 29, 2016
In 2013, the FDA issued a Safety Communication warning that damaged mattress covers pose a risk of cross-contamination and patient infection, and recommended regular inspections of patient mattresses for any visible signs of damage such as tears, cuts, punctures, abrasions or staining. Despite this…
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Textiles that Heal

Nov 29, 2015
An overview of three main areas of development where manufacturers and distributors of health care linens are concentrating their efforts. These were all identified as important factors in addressing the needs of the aging population, and work is being done throughout the industry to strive to…
Nov 29, 2015
Visiting a potential health care laundry is a must and should include relevant representatives from environmental services and infection prevention. During the visit, focus the evaluation on the Three Ps: the plant, the personnel, and the process.
Nov 29, 2015
During a session titled “Environmental Services, Infection Prevention, and Health Care Laundry: Partners in Textile Hygiene,” speakers detailed how St. Mary’s (a 391-licensed bed, not-for-profit hospital) partnered with its laundry provider to enhance management practices.