AHE Phoenix Award

Each year, the AHE Advisory Board selects the Phoenix Award winner. The Phoenix Award, which began in 1987, is the highest praise bestowed upon an AHE member. The award recognizes a professional who has made an unselfish, lasting impact on the growth and progress of AHE, the membership and the advancement of the environmental services field.

2022 Phoenix Award Winner

Manager, Environmental Services & Linen - Eastern Region
OSF HealthCare Saint James - John W Albrecht Medical Center

AHE is proud to recognize Pam Toppel, CHESP, CMIP, MT-CHEST, MT-CSCT as this year's recipient. Pam has over 15 years of experience in health care environmental services management with the OSF Healthcare System. Pam served as AHE’s President for the 2018-2019 term, and has served AHE for many years as committee member, chair, advisory council member, and CHEST subject matter expert. Pam is also a Six–Sigma Green Belt.

*Selected by the AHE Advisory Board

Past Phoenix Award Winners:

2022: Pam Toppel, CHESP, CMIP, MT-CHEST, MT-CSCT
2021: Sandra L. Rials, M.S.
2020: No Recipient
2019: Gary Dolan, CHESP
2018: Jim Henry, CHESP
2017: Candace Thompson, CHESP
2016: Fiona Nemetz, CHESP
2015: Mike Bailey, CHESP
2014: Ali Kahn, CHESP    
2013: Bob Paine, CHESP    
2011: Tina Cermignano, CHESP    
2010: James Roussos, CHESP    
2009: Brett Higgins, CHESP    
2008: Thomas J. ‘Tony” Fitzgerald III, CHESP    
2007: Weston Thiss, CHESP    
2006: Robert Hodnik    
2005: Patricia Hockenberger    
2004: Diane Pennington, CHESP    
2003: Edward Barr, CHESP    
2002: Larry Collins, CHESP    
2001: Kenneth Barnett, CHESP    
2000: Thomas E. Alexandrowicz,    
1999: Martin Shafer    
1998: Pamela Blyth    
1997: James P. Connors, CHESP    
1996: John E. Fitzgerald, CHESP
1995: John Webb
1994: Sidney Pittman, CHESP
1993: Waymon Saxon
1992: Janice Kurth
1991: Aralee Scardina
1990: Bruno Giacomuzzi
1989: Stephen Burt
1988: V. James McLarney
1987: James Wolffbrandt


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