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Environmental Services Week 2024 - Celebrate Hospital EVS Teams

September 8-14, 2024 | #EVSWeek

Environmental Services Week is a time to show appreciation for the dedicated EVS personnel that ensure health care facilities across the country are clean, safe places for patients, their families and other staff members. With all the challenges and changes the last few years have brought, these staff members have remained resilient in their efforts to protect others from dangerous pathogens.


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Celebrate with Themed Gifts

EVS Week gifts are an easy way to show your appreciation for your team and raise awareness of the environmental services department at your facility.

When you purchase EVS Week products from AHE's official supplier, you generate royalties so AHE can continue to offer many benefits for members. Purchases allow AHE to offer complimentary member courses and webinars and reduced pricing for Signature Programs, AHE Exchange and other premium programs.

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Thank You from AHE Environmental Services Leaders

Rock Jensen

Marci Butts

Robbyn McGary


EVS Department of the Year 2023 Award Selections

AHE and Tork, an Essity brand, are honored to recognize these facilities with the EVS Department of the Year Award 2023. The winners were announced during the AHE Exchange Conference in Dallas this year.

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EVS Week Free Education Resources

Clorox Education Program Spotlight

Access a free EVS Week video and tip sheet, developed by Clorox Healthcare, that highlights important aspects of cleaning and disinfection in the health care environment for EVS staff.

  • The 5 Rights of Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Pathogen Transmission Routes

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washing hands
washing hands

Environmental Services Podcast: Keeping It Clean

As the front line of the health care infection prevention and control (IP&C) team, environmental services (EVS) plays an essential role in the fight against the spread of infection - one that creates a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for patients, visitors and fellow health care workers.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Job Aids

As part of the Project Firstline initiative, the AHA and AHE have released two cleaning and disinfecting job aids for frontline EVS professionals and their supervisors to use in their efforts to practice proper cleaning and disinfection in a variety of health care settings.

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EVS Front-line Staff Educational Videos

The AHA, in collaboration with AHE, has released a new series of educational videos on the role EVS technicians play in preventing infections and creating a contamination-free environment. Now available in Spanish!

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EVS Week Tip Sheet

Environmental Pathogens

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Are You a CHESP?

Encourage other environmental services professionals to pursue their CHESP certification this EVS Week! You're invited to share your certification story so aspiring CHESPs can fully realize all the benefits and value of CHESP certification.

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    Celebration Ideas for You and Your Team

This list of activities and ideas was provided by the Emerging Leaders Action Team.

  • EVS-themed merchandise gifts to show appreciation - giving options to staff to let them pick
  • Reach out to vendors to support financially for meals or giveaways
  • Painting or decorating cleaning carts – share them around the facility to gain exposure and raise awareness
  • Use social media to highlight staff, team photos, appreciation or achievements - #EVSWeek
  • Incorporating weekend/night staff – scheduling late-night food delivery
  • Awards ceremony
  • Trash can relay, a laundry delivery race, dust mop relay, and a wacky vacuum race
  • Create a vision/appreciation board- many may be willing to donate a gift basket
  • Scavenger hunt – hiding prizes in places that get missed
  • Bed making races
  • CHEST kits with games
  • Mummy races w/ toilet paper
  • Cookout/food party for all shifts
Thank You EVS Week 2023

Thank You Environmental Services

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Celebrate EVS Week 2023

Celebrate Environmental Services

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