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AHE Signature Training & Certification


Signature train-the-trainer programs and our individual certifications empower environmental services technicians to take charge of their organization's strategic goals in the environment of care. Proper disinfection techniques in the environment of care directly impacts the rate of health care associated infections (HAIs) and patient outcomes. Ensure your organization demonstrates a proactive approach to improving these outcomes by completing one of our signature programs or certifications.

These offerings help environmental services technicians define and maintain standards in the environment of care. Learn more below and cultivate a competent environmental services department at your organization today!

Train-the-Trainer Programs


Non-acute Care Cleaning 
In this program, frontline workers learn how to break the chain of infection and contribute to ensuring positive patient outcomes.

Surgical Suite Cleaning 
This program sets the standard for surgical environmental services technicians responsible for cleaning and disinfecting operating rooms.

Frontline Environmental Services
The program covers all aspects of a frontline worker’s typical tasks and accountabilities.

Compare Train-the-Trainer Programs

See the topics covered in CNACC, CHEST and CSCT find out which is the right fit for your organization!


Individual Certifications

Management & Leadership 

The premier credential designation that demonstrates mastery of maintaining the environment of care.

Infection Prevention 
Learn how to coordinate infection prevention efforts across the continuum of care and improve patient outcomes.