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Core Competencies for Health Care Environmental Services Professionals Report


The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) has developed the first comprehensive set of core competencies for environmental services professionals, including technicians, supervisors, managers and directors.

Core Competencies

A core competency is considered one that is an absolute requirement for a specific job. These core competencies may be used to create job descriptions, assess performance and guide professional development; self-assess skill levels and training needs and set improvement goals, and determine staff training needs. It should be noted that job titles vary by organizational size, structure, level within a health care system and other organizational attributes. Core competencies, not titles, should drive decision-making about compensation and appropriate pay bands. It should also be noted that leadership titles vary by size, system level, organizational structure and other characteristics of a health care organization. Users should exercise judgment in determining which title most applies to their particular management structure.

These guidelines were developed for acute care hospitals, but they may be used in various health care settings as most of the core competencies have broad applicability.

The core competencies were developed using two job task analyses as a starting point. In the second phase of development, subject matter experts determined which competencies should be elevated to the core level. 

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