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AHE Exchange Conference Justification Toolkit


Justification Toolkit 

AHE Exchange Conference 2022
October 3-5, Orlando 

AHE Exchange Conference & Solution Center helps you stay on top of the newest and best practices and prepare for what comes next. The knowledge sharing and networking at this event will help you position yourself and your department as strategic leaders at your organization.

Below are some easy-to-use tools and tips that may help you calculate your professional and financial return on investment. Use this toolkit as a resource to convey the value of this conference to your employer, and start planning your conference experience today!

Plan Early

  • The deadline to register for the normal rate is September 16.
  • Not a member? Join AHE and register for the conference and save up to $200 off the non-member rate. 
  • Planning early will help you secure lower airfare and receive a discounted room rate. 

Communicate with Your Employer

  • Customize and send a justification letter to your employer explaining all of the benefits you'll get from attending the AHE Exchange Conference, and how they will improve your performance and help advance your organization. 
  • Be ready with a plan that identifies who will handle your responsibilities while you are attending the conference. Ensure your employer knows that you will still be accessible during your time away from the office. 
  • Offer to deliver a short presentation or written report for your colleagues to share what you've learned and multiply the benefits of attendance.

Justification Letter Template

  • The editable Justification Letter Template allows you to explain to your employer all of the benefits you'll get from attending the AHE Exchange Conference, and how those benefits will improve your performance and help advance your organization.



Determine Expenses and Benefits

  • Conference expenses are influenced by a number of factors. Before you can begin to justify the expenses, you need to calculate what they will be. Use the Expense Worksheet to develop a cost estimate for attending this year.
  • It's also important to show your employer why your attendance will benefit not just you, but your entire team. In the Benefits Worksheet, emphasize that you will learn new skills, network with leaders in the field, and identify opportunities for advancement. Identify specific sessions you're planning to take that have relevance to your organization's work. Highlight speakers, exhibitors and other potential partners in attendance who can help advance your organization's objectives.