Maintaining Hygienically Clean Health Care Textiles Within a Health Care Facility

By John F. Scherberger

November 5th, 2018 | Formats: Technical Paper | Content Areas: Administration | Tags: Environmental hygiene and sanitation, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology, Laundry and Textiles, Linen

Health Care textiles are a crucial component in the care and treatment of patients if positive outcomes are to be realized. The absence of guidance from regulatory organizations pertaining to the handling, internal transportation, and storage of hygienically clean textiles (HCTs) within the confines of health care facilities (HCFs) brings into question the hygienic integrity of such textiles. The lack of guidance and best practice standards in health care facilities brings into question the confidence needed to assure that a chain of infection prevention practice is in place in health care facilities. This document addresses the shortcomings and provides suggested direction and support.

Keywords: Textiles, hygienically clean, infection prevention, shortcomings

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