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CHESP is a premier credential designation demonstrating mastery of maintaining the environment of care.
Managing an enhanced disinfection program requires a strategic approach to communication. Cathy Campbell provides three important components of a successful UVC device implementation.
John Scherberger, FAHE, CHESP, provides information on UV disinfection and important factors to consider when evaluating UV technologies.
Major challenges to hand hygiene compliance reported by survey participants included staff not thinking about it (43 percent), being too busy (31 percent), having other patient needs take priority (25 percent) and not having role models (24 percent). This article includes tables that examine these…
When health care organizations recognize that it takes a combination of approaches to keep their restrooms clean, they can then build upon an effective strategy to maintain restrooms at a service level that not only meets the expectations of users but also helps to protect their health.
Environmental services in hospitals and health care facilities fight to control the spread of pathogens and improve patient outcomes.
John Scherberger, BS, FAHE, CHESP, REH provides an overview of the Fellow of the AHE (FAHE) program.
Scott Thornton answers questions about the Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician Train-the-trainer program.