UV Disinfection

By John Scherberger, FAHE, CHESP

December 17th, 2018 | Formats: Article | Content Areas: Administration | Tags: Environmental hygiene and sanitation, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology

The answers regarding UV disinfection are not simple. Like most tools when used properly and limitations understood, a UV system can add value, safety and more thorough disinfection than when a UV system is not used. UV disinfection is part of a multimodal process but one must ask the right questions and carefully evaluate the peer-reviewed evidence about actual infection rate reductions in order to select the right system.

As you begin your journey in search of the ideal system that will yield the ultimate result – bringing down your facility’s infection rates and enhancing the safety of patients and hospital workers – consider the issues and questions in this article to help you guide your decision-making.

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