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The Relentlessly Positive Leader’s Toolkit for Crucial Conversations

Speaker: Pamela Jett, CSP

Discover how to navigate conversations surrounding employee performance, reviews, coaching and disciplinary procedures in this eye-opening webinar.

Date Available: June 21, 2023

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Say it With Backbone... Not Bite: Assertiveness Skills for the Relentlessly Positive Communicator

Speaker: Pamela Jett, CSP

Relentlessly positive communicators and leaders are assertive. In this application rich program, discover what assertiveness is and what it is not. Learn to communicate assertively and watch productivity soar.

Date Available: March 19, 2023

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EVS Staffing: What’s the Solution?

Speaker: Rock Jensen, AHE Advisory Board Chairman

AHE’s all-new, updated Staffing Methodologies Course and Calculator Bundle provides a deeper dive into the components needed for appropriate EVS staffing. Attend this webinar to hear how to use the Staffing Calculator as a tool to reach appropriate department staffing levels.

Date Available: January 19, 2023

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Successful Leadership for the New Normal

Speakers: Michael Charlton, Joanne Conroy, MD, Mary Beth Kingston, PhD, RN, Leigh Anne McMahon, DNP, MHA, RN, NEA-BC, Russ Stanley, and Patti Costello

During this webinar, our panelists will address a number of essential leadership questions through which you’ll gain information that can help you hone your leadership skills. In addition, learn core leadership competencies, leadership necessities, effective strategies, how to lead in addition to managing, and key ways to prepare for success.

Date Available: September 29, 2021

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Project Management Basics for the Environmental Services Leader in Healthcare

Speakers: Dr. Dionne Dixon, SSBB, BCBA-c, CPHQ

This educational webinar discusses project management for Environmental Services leaders, including outlining the basics of project management; identifying some useful project management tools; and simulating project management scenarios in action.

Date Available: February 10, 2021

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Leading Your Environmental Services Team to the Next Level of Performance

Speakers: Fiona Nemetz, MS, CHESP

This webinar will review the building blocks to a successful EVS career ladder, utilizing AHE’s CHEST and CSCT programs, thus improving metrics and increasing departmental performance to the next level.

Date Available: 2019

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Speakers: John Riggi

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important priority, especially in health care. This webinar will discuss both cybersecurity generally, and also what Environmental Services leaders specifically should know.

Date Available: October 16, 2019

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Disrupting Overspending: Methods for Maintaining Expenses

Speakers: Donald Sipp

This webinar will examine opportunities for overcoming budget cuts by standardizing spending, containing costs, or creating savings options for supplies, labor, operations, equipment, present value/future value, technology, chemicals, and leveraging partnerships with vendors and suppliers.

Date Available: February 20, 2019

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