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Wed, Apr 19, 2023


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Relentlessly positive communicators and leaders are assertive. In this application rich program, discover what assertiveness is and what it is not. Master assertive language patterns such as boundary statements to more effectively work with others and get results. Learn to avoid the perils of passive aggressiveness and other ineffective communication strategies. 80% of problems in most workplaces are the result of poor communication. Learn to communicate assertively and watch productivity soar.

This is an on-demand webinar available at your convenience.

Product Code: 324WB0423


Pamela Jett, CSP
Communication Skills Expert
Leadership Keynote Speaker
Motivational Speaker
Employee Engagement Specialist

Pamela Jett is a leadership and communication skills expert who is dedicated to helping professionals, leaders, and organizations discover that Words Matter. When professionals, especially leaders, know the words to choose and the words to lose, employee engagement increases, turnover decreases, teamwork and "buy in" are enhanced, and organizations and teams simply function better.