May 24, 2019
Sustainable programs are also among the Association for the Healthcare Environment Performance Improvements Measures that allow you to track operational success metrics. Use the sustainable pest control best practices in this document to support sustainability program metrics.
May 16, 2019
AHE Sustainability Certificate Program Certificate Holders  
May 16, 2019
AHE Sustainability Certificate Program Review Process All documentation needs to be sent with a complete application and payment to AHE before application will be reviewed. 
May 16, 2019
AHE Environmental Sustainability Certificate Program Application Process   Please make sure that all submission materials adhere to the guidelines below.
Oct 31, 2018
Today, despite their many challenges, EVS is an important participant in making decisions around construction, technology, infection prevention and patient satisfaction in health care institutions. This paper will examine how changes in the health care industry have impacted ES operations.
Sep 23, 2013
There are many benefits to Green Cleaning, and these benefits have become more apparent in recent years as a result of documentation and scientific evidence.