Data & Insights

Algebra is a foundational skill that most EVS leaders will find themselves needing to utilize multiple times throughout their career. The CHESP certification exam requires knowledge of algebraic equation solving, and this webinar provides a quick refresher for those preparing to take the exam.
This staffing calculator harnesses the power of data and translates it into actionable goals specific to EVS departments in the health care field.
Every year AHE conducts an annual survey to track ongoing trends in the environmental services and health care industries. This summary report includes an overview of data collected from the last five surveys conducted.
These resources assist environmental services leaders and other professionals in developing and sustaining effective and evidenced-based environmental hygiene practices leading to increased patient and worker safety and improved outcomes overall.
UPDATED 1-12-15 AHE will keep you informed of all the latest developments on Ebola as we received them. Check this webpage often and watch for AHE or AHA Advisory emails.