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Skill.Set.Go. - Pricing and Policies

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Pricing Starts at $699 for AHE Members

Skill.Set.Go. subscribers receive 24/7 access to the online library of training content. All subscriptions come with two complimentary learner seats to be assigned to two individual team members. The subscriber must assign a seat before the learner can access individual training. Organizations may purchase additional learner seats, priced with discounts based on the number of seats purchased. Subscriptions are valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase. 


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  • Subscription Includes:
  • All current and future courses/paths
  • Unlimited access during the subscription period
  • 2 complimentary learner seats*
  • Certificates, digital badges, and credit hours
  • Standard Pricing
  • Members: $699.00
  • Non-Members: $899.00
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*See End User License Agreement for user license rules and restrictions.

Additional Learner Pricing

Each annual subscription will include two complimentary learner seats. Additional seats can be purchased at a volume discount.

Additional Seats Pricing
1 - 15 $50 / Seat
16 - 25 $45 / Seat
26 - 50 $40 / Seat
51 - 100 $35 / Seat
101 - 200 $30 / Seat
201 + $25 / Seat

System Pricing

If you're a health care system looking for a multi-facility discount, you will need to provide the number of facilities and the number of seats per facilities that are needed. Please provide this information by contacting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skill.Set.Go.™ is an AHA training delivery as a yearly subscription, where an administrator or a manager can make a group purchase and assign training to his/her team without AHE staff support.

  • The subscription is a license to gain 24/7 access to AHE Skill.Set.Go.™ library of online content. The subscription is valid for 365 days from the day of purchase. The yearly access comes with 2 free seats (two individual licenses for learners to access content).

  • A seat is an individual license purchased through a subscription. The seat is assigned to an individual learner who will gain access to the library of online content in the Learning Center.

    Before individual learners can access training through the subscription, they must be assigned a seat. Once the seat is assigned to an individual, they are granted access to the Learning Center and training content.

  • The subscription must be purchased by an individual (administrator) on behalf of the health care organization (health care facility). Separate subscription licenses are required for each facility. The health care systems can inquire about volume discounts by emailing the AHE team at