Researching the Right Disinfectant for Your Facility: Without Damaging Instruments or Surfaces

By Wava Truscott, PhD, MBA

May 2017 | Formats: White Paper | Content Areas: Environmental Sanitation Operations | Tags: Environmental hygiene and sanitation, Sustainability

Surface disinfection coupled with hand hygiene compliance must be essential parts of ever Infection Preventionist's pathogen-fighting plan. The wise choice of an appropriate disinfectant must take into account the facility's history of infections, time required for the disinfectant to kill or inactivate the targeted pathogens, the compatibility of the disinfectant with the wide variety of surfaces upon which it is to be used, and any safety concerns it may present for patients and staff. This document presents many questions to be asked before making final purchasing decisions and describe how to find substantiated, unbiased answers to most of those questions on the EPA website. 

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