Press Release: AHE/AHA Announces New Professional Certification for Frontline Technicians in Environmental Services

February 25, 2015 | Formats: News Release

CHICAGO (February 25, 2015) – The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) announces a new certification that will set performance and knowledge criteria for environmental services technicians and provide the means to ensure frontline employees are thoroughly prepared for service in healthcare. The Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician™ (CHEST) credentialing program will strengthen organizations with a well-trained, skilled, entry-level workforce.

AHE has partnered with a national education design firm to conduct a nationwide job analysis of the typical duties and responsibilities of a healthcare environmental services technician, and develop a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on three essential components of success for frontline workers – critical thinking, ethics and technical skills – which are also three key attributes and abilities employers look for in their employees.

The program has been structured on the Train-the-Trainer model. AHE will teach and empower instructors throughout the nation’s hospitals and various healthcare settings to conduct training in their own institutions, thereby significantly reducing the cost of training and eliminating accessibility issues, while still delivering content in a face-to-face, direct learning environment.

The program will:

  • Provide proven learning opportunities for frontline environmental services personnel to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve personal and professional success
  • Provide hospitals and healthcare organizations with a more qualified and proficient entry-level workforce • Allow healthcare organizations to train their internal instructors to deliver the CHEST™ training program on an ongoing basis in their own facilities to environmental services technicians
  • Reduce training costs • Increase probability of employee retention and morale
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing frontline technicians with the tools that will help them develop and gain confidence in new skills and competencies

“Given the importance of infection control, environmental services professionals play a strategic role in providing excellent patient care,” said AHE Executive Director Patti Costello. “The new CHEST program will help both new health care environmental service professionals and hospitals provide the best care for patients from the first day of hire.”

The curriculum development has been underwritten through an educational grant from Clorox Healthcare. Lynda Lurie, Director of Marketing for Clorox Healthcare noted, “Clorox Healthcare is a long-standing partner of AHE and we’re proud to continue supporting their mission through a new educational initiative. We know the crucial role healthcare infection prevention and patient safety efforts play in today’s hospital environment and this program will ensure environmental services professionals have the skills they need to succeed.”

The CHEST™ program includes a behavioral assessment as well as a written component, and will use rigorous standards similar to the Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP™) credential.

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