Just Because You are Using a Disinfectant, Doesn’t Mean You are Disinfecting

May 22, 2017 | Formats: Case Study | Content Areas: Environmental Sanitation Operations | Tags: Chemicals , Environmental hygiene and sanitation, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology

There has never been a more compelling business case to improve cleaning and disinfection. From emerging pathogens, to antibiotic resistant organisms, the risks are great, and cleaning and disinfection is one of the keys to cost effectively reducing the risk. In some cases, it is one of the last defenses. Isn't it time to overcome the barriers to an effective program?

Many infections are preventable and improved cleaning and disinfection has been demonstrated to reduce the risk. We all want to improve the quality of care, and by using a few simple steps, you can improve the effectiveness of your program to create a safer and more satisfying environment of care, and create benefits for patients, families, staff and the facility.

This road map will help you continue to improve your program.

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