Impact Beyond Scope

By Greg May, BA, CHESP

March 23, 2015 | Formats: Article | Content Areas: Planning, Design, and Construction | Tags: Communication, Design and Construction, Leadership

Looking to the year ahead, I feel nothing but excitement! By member request, AHE will continue to provide free education to its members with an expanded, comprehensive program. With over $2,500 of complimentary educational options, AHE is advancing our profession on every front. We know those who have achieved their CHESP designation earn significantly more than those who have not (2012 Salary Survey), proving that discerning, dedicated, and quality organizations are seeking motivated, well-educated, and current professionals.

AHE educational programs are developed and presented by leaders in the field of health care and environmental services, whether online, via webcast, podcasts on EXPRESS, or at EXCHANGE. This means AHE members are on the forefront of technology, information, and breaking news—teaching and learning from the best in our profession. This is demonstrated in original AHE programs that are developed by experts in their fields who are driving excellence and pride in our profession.

Most exciting is that there is much more to come! This year at EXCHANGE, AHE introduces the Train the Trainer program for the launch of the Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician™ (CHEST) program. EXCHANGE will provide the first opportunity for you or your in-house trainers to become a qualified CHEST trainer (additional training fees will apply). The CHEST program is the culmination of analysis of member data, job analysis, focus groups, working with subject-matter experts, and a nationally known curriculum developer to plan and define. This program sets the standard of excellence for environmental services
technicians who enter the clinical environment daily and perform the life-saving work of cleaning and surface disinfection to facilitate the prevention of the transmission spread of infection. The CHEST is an unprecedented program in health care environmental services.

The value of AHE membership, ongoing education, and certification has never been greater. The quantity and quality of educational offerings are an unprecedented membership benefit and an amazing value. EXCHANGE 2015 will provide attendees with additional first-time opportunities of their kind. Attendees will have the chance to meet advocates for environmental services and professionals at all levels of the political and regulatory spectrum. The well-received CHESP preparation session will be available for those ready to take the next step in their professional development; AND the first-ever opportunity to become a CHEST trainer—a designated T-CHEST.

EXCHANGE 2015 registration will open soon, and I hope you will make the commitment to attend. You really don’t want to miss these extraordinary opportunities and to avail yourself the chance to network with the best of the best. I look forward to seeing you in Texas this September.

All the best,
Greg May