Hiring & Retaining the Right Staff

By Carl Solomon Sr., MBA, CHESP

August 31st, 2018 | Formats: Technical Paper | Content Areas: Administration, Environmental Sanitation Operations, Financial Stewardship | Tags: Change Management, Employee Engagement, Employee Life Cycle, Leadership, Lean/Six Sigma, Management, Process Improvement, Staffing Models, Succession Planning

In today’s health care environment, Environmental Services Leaders must find new and creative ways to attract, hire, and retain great employees. It becomes an even greater challenge when opening a new facility, which may require hiring 100 or more employees. Also, you may be competing with neighboring hospitals trying to attract the same employee pool.

With a focus on customer service and improving the patient experience, it is essential to hire people who are a good fit to your hospital during recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. The purpose of this paper is to provide you with proven strategies in attracting, interviewing, hiring and retaining staff.

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