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Employee Engagement: Going the Extra Mile


The health care environment is rapidly changing, and health care facilities must adapt. To thrive in this ever-shifting work world, environmental services leaders must make employee engagement a priority.

Employee engagement equals the extent to which employees are emotionally connected and committed to their organization and their role, and their willingness to go the extra mile for their organization, department, or manager. Engaged employees are essential to an organization's long-term success. However, on average, only one in three employees is engaged.

How do you cultivate an engaged workforce? This online course examines the major factors, trends, and drivers of employee engagement. It explores why engagement is vital to the department’s success, and how managers can boost engagement to position the environmental services team to succeed. The course is specifically designed to stimulate your thinking about how altering a few management practices can change the culture of your department.

Session Details:

  • Complimentary for Members
  • $239.00 Non-member Fee
  • Four (4) CPEs


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