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As if the regular challenges weren’t enough! The year 2020 is trying everything it can to eat our lunch! Your teams are running on fumes. Heck, even more are running toward the door! Leader, in the face of uncertainty, stress, exhaustion, frustration, and under-appreciation, your best attitude and effort is needed more than ever! 
Organizations that fail to inspire their team members, especially during crises, lose the retention battle in an industry notorious for churn and burn. Haphazard, nonspecific retention strategies result in loss of productivity, poor staff morale, debilitating workplace stress, high accident rates, no-call-no-shows, and dysfunctional teams. Rest assured, there are more effective strategies to retaining your folks besides wishing, hoping, and crossed fingers.  

Great news ahead!  This session promises to transform the energy traditionally reserved for handwringing, complaining, and worrying into best-practice approaches that create dynamic, positive work environments. 
In this live and interactive webinar, participants will


  1. Identify the root causes and conditions that create lack of engagement and stifling turnover and engage in the latest research, theories and practices related to engagement and retention (e.g. Daniel Pink, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Kouzes and Posner, the Gallop Survey resources, among many, many others)
  2. Assess their professional skillset against research-based competencies necessary to coach and inspire colleagues and direct reports to greater loyalty and a healthy sense of belonging
  3. Develop a 30-day plan designed to create departmental cultures characterized by an elevated commitment to external and internal customers as well as the organization’s mission, vision, and values



Christopher W. Ridenhour
Expert Team Engineer, Team Accountability Coach, Certified Staff Whisperer
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