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AHE Corporate Champion Spotlight: Contec

Contec Global



Where Clean Counts Most, Count on Contec® Professional

Contec Professional offers a wide range of innovative professional cleaning products for healthcare facilities. Our Premira® microfiber single-use mops, wipes, and dusters deliver advanced cleaning performance while helping to decrease cross-contamination. We help housekeeping teams, environmental service technicians, and others involved in preventing the spread of infection maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of highly trained technical associates provide side-by-side support across the U.S. both on-site and virtually to best respond to our clients’ needs. Whether the focus is on cleaning patient rooms, waiting areas, ORs and treatment rooms, or office spaces, Contec’s ergonomic cleaning tools and patented single-use microfiber floor pads and wipes are the best choice for a healthier facility. Founded in 1988 in Spartanburg, SC, Contec, Inc. has led cleaning innovation in the most critical and demanding industries from pharmaceuticals and aerospace to cleanrooms and medical devices for over 30 years. We are bringing that innovation and knowledge to you each day. Please visit ContecProfessional.com to learn more.

Premira Portables

Featured Product

Premira® Portables™ pack the power of microfiber from Contec Professional into a lightweight and convenient package! Each resealable pouch contains ten dry Premira® mop pads that can be saturated on demand. Simply pour your favorite chemistry directly over the dry pads in the pouch – no buckets, no hassles! The pouch can be resealed and easily carried from room to room, mess to mess. When paired with our lightweight ZeroGravity™ hardware, Premira® Portables™ make cleaning quick and easy. A better clean, with fewer tools, in less time.