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AHE Corporate Champion Spotlight: Contec


At Contec, where clean counts most, we support cleaning professionals all over the world in keeping their environments spotless from floors to ceilings and everywhere in between. Contec Professional’s customer-first approach means that we offer the products that answer the unique challenges faced by our customers. Whether maintaining cutting-edge medical facilities, safeguarding from contamination, or improving cleaning ergonomics, our range of solutions demonstrates our commitment to cleanliness. A ‘side-by-side’ approach and a down-to-earth set of values means that thousands of professional customers count on us each day.



Contec Global


Featured Product

ZeroGravity™ Mopping System

Introducing the ZeroGravity™ Mopping System by Contec Professional: An innovative cleaning solution that combines efficiency with ergonomic design. Featuring the ultra-light Premira® Disposable Microfiber Mop Pad and a 100% recyclable, blue polypropylene frame for easy maneuverability. Its aluminum handles, available in various lengths, are lightweight yet durable, reducing fatigue. Ideal for cleaning organizations seeking exceptional cleanliness with minimal effort, the ZeroGravity® Mopping System is the ultimate tool for superior results.

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