AHE Board Application Process

Terms of Office – 2021-2023 
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Thursday, June 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM CDT

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Get Involved

If you are thinking of getting involved in AHE, becoming a board member is a great way to take on a leadership role in assisting AHE in driving its strategic mission.

Board Composition

The board is composed of seven (7) members: president, president-elect, past president, three (3) at-large members (PAM and ALLY), and one associate member that serves as the Industry Liaison.

At-large board member(s) may be elected by the sitting board to the office of president-elect by a simple board majority vote. At the time of assuming the role of president–elect, one full year of board service will have been completed.

At-large Board Members

There are two at-large board member positions open for the 2021-2023 term. Only PAM and ALLY members  are eligible to apply for an At-Large position. Board members must provide effective communication to members and must understand and be knowledgeable about the profession, the AHE vision, mission, and values and be willing to publicly support AHE board majority decisions and activities.

Duties Include:

  • Representing the interests of the health care environmental services and environmental infection prevention profession on all AHE strategic planning and policy setting activities
  • Representing the voice and the interests of AHE facility based constituents on strategic issues and health care trends in all AHE board discussions and deliberations.
  • Speaking to key challenges and potential solutions within the environmental services profession as a subject matter expert
  • Speaking to the larger, current health care challenges and the strategic impact on environmental services long term
  • Assisting AHE in the education of guidance bodies on importance of appropriate cleaning/disinfection process and product use, testing and approval.
  • Strategic planning and financial oversight in accordance with AHE policies.
  • Assist in identifying funding sources and sponsorships to execute the AHE strategic plan.
  • Promote AHE membership and programs to the profession to expand and elevate the profession as the recognized authority
  • Informally mentor future AHE leaders

Review the position summaries for a full list for at-large board member duties.

Industry Liaison Board Member

There is one industry liaison board member positions open for the 2021-2023 term. Only ASC members are eligible to apply for an Industry Liaison position. The industry liaison board representative is responsible for representing the interests of all AHE members while bringing a non-health care facility based perspective to the board discussions on all AHE strategic, procedural, financial and policy-making decisions.

Duties Include:

  • Identifying and enlisting key stakeholders in manufacturing and distribution to promote AHE and develop an engagement and execution plan
  • Assisting AHE with advocating for disinfectant efficiency and efficacy by collaborating with chemical manufacturers and chemical manufacturers’ association to develop products that allow more resourceful use of labor and reduced dwell time.
  • Assisting AHE in making non-commercialized recommendations to help educate members on the advantages and disadvantages of new and affordable evidence-based disinfection technologies
  • Assisting AHE with facilitation of thought leadership/focus group sessions to identify gaps in product consistency with corresponding activities to mitigate those challenges.
  • Assisting AHE develop and promote information and/or training on current and future regulations to keep the profession up-to-date and aware of trends and required outcomes for compliant operations.
  • Developing and implementing strategies that will actively engage industry in AHE with the goal of mutual beneficial growth and positive business outcomes.
  • Serving as an advocate and ambassador for AHE to the corporate community particularly to suppliers and manufacturers and to recruit new members of all membership categories
  • Bringing measurable for-profit business perspective to the board
  • Sharing the AHE strategic direction (mission, vision, values, strategic priorities and strategy map) with the goal of establishing and maintaining a stake in AHE and facilitating collaborative opportunities with other industry professionals in the vendor community.

Review the position summaries for a full list for industry liaison board member duties.