AHE 2021 Health Care Leadership and Preparedness Symposium

October 31 - November 2, 2021
Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld, Orlando, FL

The labor market is competitive, especially for the health care sector. Staffing shortages and increased environmental services needs are putting a strain on health care EVS departments in the United States.

This two-day certificate program and “unconference” will feature best-in-class education and training presented by renowned experts. This all-new event offers cutting-edge solutions, best-in-class resources, and timely sessions about problems impacting the environmental services field. Attendees will leave with tangible tools and strategies to combat turnover and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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Featured Sessions for Health Care Leaders

Reducing Turnover And Engaging Staff: An Action Plan for Success

This featured session will train attendees to enhance their leadership strategies, initiate performance improvement measures, and improve patient experience.

In this session, attendees will learn compelling strategies to engage and support staff while creating a personalized action plan with KPIs, incentives, and personal and professional support resources.

Cesar Perez



   Presenter: Cesar Perez

   MBA, CHESP, TCHEST, TCSCT — Director, Environmental Services at CaroMont Health




Top Survey Findings EVS Leaders Need to Know

Facilities are quick to panic when The Joint Commission comes knocking – but it doesn’t have to be this way.  In this session, James Kendig will provide solutions for addressing common issues attendees encounter. He’ll also provide an update of the TJC survey process, standards, and problematic areas as well as highlight changes due to COVID-19.

James Kendig



   Presenter: James Kendig

   MS, CHSP, HEM — Field Director, Surveyor Management & Development and Accreditation and Certification The Joint Commission




Revisiting Staffing Preparedness: A Tactical and Operational Approach

This session will introduce the key components of accurately identifying and predicting staffing needs for health care environmental services based on the AHE staffing standards.

These standards include patient volume, square footage, and locked-in staffing requirements. These three components impact overall staffing plans for EVS departments and provide leaders with a reliable tool for staffing efficiency based on quality-driven outcomes.

Rock jensen



   Presenter: Rock Jensen

   Administrative Director Support Services, Yuma Regional Medical Center




Strong Teams, Shared Leadership: Strengthen Team Culture, Improve Communication, and Energize Staff

Adam Kreek will combine inspiring stories with an interactive presentation to introduce the concept of shared leadership with teams.

Strong team culture is essential to sustain success. This session will dive into how leaders can foster authentic and lasting team culture in fast-paced, high-stress environments.

Adam Kreek



   Presenter: Adam Kreek

   Olympic Gold Medalist and Social Entrepreneur




Prepare your team for tomorrow’s disruption at this all-new event. Join EVS and health care leaders in Orlando for the first-ever AHE Symposium!

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