The Impact of Communications and Motivation on the Environmental Services Workplace

By Lisa Ford

January 11, 2021 | Formats: Technical Paper | Content Areas: Workforce | Tags: Communication, Motivation, Leadership, Diversity

Environmental services is a hospitality-driven support department within the health care environment that is responsible for keeping the environment clean and as infection-free as possible.  Environmental services professionals are non-clinical staff operating in a clinical space so effective communication is critical to the success of their job, as well as to the health care environment.   

This paper outlines the importance of effective communication and motivation in the environmental services workplace.  It talks about how the leaders in the industry can have an impact on the department, and when it may be necessary to make changes in these leaders.  This paper also looks at the important role of diversity and inclusion in today‚Äôs workplace and how that may directly impact employee retention.


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