The Ohio State Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services Certificate Program Overview

AHE has partnered with The Ohio State University to create the first academic certificate in health care environmental services within a hospitality management program. This program is open to Ohio State College of Education and Human Ecology undergraduate students studying hospitality management, as well as existing healthcare professionals. The program consists of 12 credit hours (3 courses and an internship).

The Department of Human Sciences within the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University is proud to offer the undergraduate certificate program in Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services. This program is designed to prepare hospitality and healthcare professionals for meaningful future leadership positions. Currently, there is no other academic program in the United States that directly prepares professionals for supervisory positions in healthcare environmental services. This online certificate program helps to bridge the current gap in educational opportunities available to professionals employed within the healthcare environmental services sector.

Campus Requirements: NONE — 100% Online

Time to Completion: 2 semesters

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Introduction to Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services

An application and discussion of healthcare business and analysis of critical healthcare areas in relation to hospitality business.

3 hrs

Infection Prevention in Healthcare and Hospitality

An application and discussion of introductory microbiology, epidemiology, infection prevention and sanitation in healthcare and hospitality facilities.

3 hrs
CSHSPMG 3191-02

Healthcare Environmental Services Internship

Supervised and practical experience at a department-approved internship site related to environmental services in healthcare. Includes investigation and analysis of assigned problems and documentation of experience.

note: current paid position in field might be eligible for academic credit)

3 hrs

Managing the Customer Experience in Healthcare and Hospitality Services

An application and discussion of hospitality principles and customer experience management in the healthcare industry.

3 hrs