AHE has partnered with The Ohio State University to create the first academic certificate in healthcare environmental services within a hospitality management program. This program is open to Ohio State College of Education and Human Ecology undergraduate students studying hospitality management, as well as existing healthcare professionals. The program consists of 12 credit hours (3 courses and an internship).

Fee per course $1297.50

Total program fee $5190.00

Program Outline:

• CSHSPMG 2200 Introduction to Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services – 3 hrs

• CSHSPMG 3200 Infection Prevention in Healthcare and Hospitality – 3 hrs

• CSHSPMG 3210 Healthcare Environmental Services Internship – 3hrs

• CSHSPMG 4200 Managing the Customer Experience in Healthcare and Hospitality Services - Capstone course – 3 hrs


Now Available: Introduction to Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services

AHE-OSU course offering Autumn 2018
CSHSPMG 5194/4200
Fully Online Course (3 credit hours)
Instructor: Vanja Bogicevic

An application and discussion of hospitality principles and customer experience management in the healthcare industry.

15 weeks - 45 hours online

• High School degree
• 2.0 GPA
• U.S. citizen or permanent resident

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