The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program is designed to be a comprehensive review and formalized recognition process aimed at assisting professionals in selecting training and in-service programs for the health care environment.


Current Seal Holders




What is the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program?

For providers of health care training and in-service programs, the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a respected symbol, providing acknowledgment that a training or education program is a recognized resource for environmental services and multi-disciplinary professionals.

Why should my facility/company/organization submit an application?
AHE is the leading authority in the health care environmental services profession as it relates to sound professional and evidence-based practice, and guiding principles in support of environmental services operations. The Seal will communicate to over 5,000 health care professionals that a program is committed to excellence in professional practice.

Who can submit an application?

The Seal is available to Facilities, Companies, Health care Systems and organizations.

Who reviews the applications?

Every application is reviewed by health care professionals, each holding a Bachelor of Science degree or higher, certified by the AHA Certification Center or other professional certification entities, and are leading authorities in the practice of environmental services and its related disciplines.

What is the cost to apply?

Application Fee ($200): The basic fee for application processing and determination of eligibility.
Technical Review Process ($8,000): If the application meets the criteria, the application fee of $200 will be applied to the $8,000 due for the technical review process. Fee includes technical review and recommendations and a second (and final) review, if applicable. Any revisions based on recommendations following the second review will require additional payment at the hourly rate of $125/hour times the number of reviewers seated on the review panel. Application.

To apply for the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program, applicants must complete the process as noted below. Applications deviating from the process will not be considered.

  1. Pay online $200 application fee
  2. Once payment is processed; click the application link in the payment confirmation email.
  3. The key contact listed on the application will be notified within 48 hours of application receipt by AHE.
  4.  Allow 8 weeks processing for review and determination of acceptance, and award of the Seal, or recommended changes to the application.
  5.  If changes are recommended by the Program Committee, the applicant may agree to make the changes and resubmit for a second (and final) review or withdraw the application.


No refunds will be given to applications that are withdrawn. Please allow 2 additional weeks for review and confirmation of changes requested.

For any additional questions, please contact Erin Horng at or 312.422.3857