2019 Webinar Series

Leading Your ES Team to the Next Level of Performance

Disrupting Overspending: Methods for Maintaining Expenses

Environmental Services and USP797/800

The Future of Microbial Destruction in the Health Care Setting

Environmental Services and Infection Prevention: Together for Patient Safety

Reducing Hospital Onset C. Diff

How Bacteria Develop Antibiotic Resistance

Improving Value Through Evidence-Based Training

Cybersecurity Awareness

The 3M's of Temperature and Humidity: Monitoring, Measuring and Mitigating

How We Can Impact How Patients Experience Care


2018 Webinar Series

The Ideal Disinfectant: One Size Does Not Fit All

No Touch Disinfection: Emerging Systems and Technology

Training Approaches to Drive Staff Engagement and Sustainable Improvement

Hepatitis A: An Ongoing Multi-state Outbreak and its Importance to Environmental Services in Health Care Settings

Hospital "Trash Talk": An Introduction to Solid Waste Management in Healthcare Facilities

Do You Have a Seat at the Table?


2017 Webinar Series

Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals: EPA’s Proposed Rule Change

Environmental Services and Patient Safety: Building Collaborative Partnerships

The Buck Stops Here!

New Organisms in Healthcare: When to Panic, When to Carry On

Saving Time and Money with Your Linen Department


2016 Webinar Series

Zika Virus: Clinical Implications for the Healthcare Environment

Seven Critical Aspects of Surfaces and Surface Selection

Suddenly a Supervisor

Hard Floor, Soft Floor, Modern Floor – How to Maintain

Demystifying Hand Hygiene Compliance across the Healthcare Continuum of Care

How the AHE Staffing and Productivity Study Benefits YOU

Innovative Staffing Plans, Successful Hiring, Creative Training, and Cross Training

Untying the Regulatory Knot

EPA-Management of Pharmaceutical Waste

HR Audit, Are You Ready?