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01-Jun Importance of Environmental Services Professionals in Patient Satisfaction Journey, EXPRESS Video
01-Jun Legionella - Keeping Your Facility Out of Hot Water, EXPRESS Video
05-Jun Principles of Effective Linen Management, Online Course
15-Jun Saving Time and Money with Your Linen Department, Webinar
26-Jun Employee Engagement: Going the Extra Mile, Online Course

Understanding Your Healthcare Waste Stream, EXPRESS Video

06-Jul People are the Job: How Helping Each Other Creates a Better Team, EXPRESS Video
10-Jul Foundations for Success in Environmental Services Management, Online Course
20-Jul Do You Have a Seat at the Table? Knowing the Role of the Environmental Professional, Webinar
03-Aug Medicare's 5 Star Rating and What it Means for your Department, EXPRESS Video
03-Aug Pros & Cons of Mircofiber Products, EXPRESS Video
07-Aug CHESP Online Study Group, Online Course
14-Aug Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention (CMIP) Program
08-Aug Disinfectants: The Essentials of Evaluation and Selection, Online Course
14-Sep EXCHANGE Preconference
Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) Workshop
17-Sep EXCHANGE Preconference
Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention (CMIP) Program

EXCHANGE Annual Conference & Solution Center
September 17-20, Orlando, FL

Ultimate Scores for the Ultimate Experience, Online Course
Maximizing your ROI with a Proper Linen Utilization Program, EXPRESS Video
05-Oct Understanding UVC technology - UVC is it for me?, EXPRESS Video
CHESP Study Group, Online Course
24-Oct Essentials of Infection Prevention of Environmental Hygiene, Online Course
30-Oct Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention (CMIP) Program
02-Nov Positive Leadership: Eliminating Negative Influences, EXPRESS Video
02-Nov Soft Surfaces in Healthcare - Moving From Comfortable to Cleanable Surfaces to Prevent Pathogen Transmission, EXPRESS Video
06-Nov The Lean Management System in Healthcare, Online Course
13-Nov Principles of Effective Linen Management, Online Course
14-Nov Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) Workshop
17-Nov No Touch Disinfectant Technology, Webinars
05-Dec Prepared for Emergency Events: Environmental Services Evolving Role in Response and Recover, EXPRESS Course
7S Model: How to Assess and Monitor Change, EXPRESS Video
07-Dec Changing Behavior through Storytelling, EXPRESS Video
15-Dec Building a Culture of Excellence, Webinar

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Practice Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning

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