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EVS Competency Model

The first interactive competency model tool for health care environmental services professionals, including technicians, supervisors, managers and directors. AHE_Competency_Model_COVER.jpg

These core competencies may be used to create job descriptions, assess performance and guide professional development; self-assess skill levels and training needs and set improvement goals; and determine staff training needs. It should be noted that job titles vary by organizational size, structure, level within a health care system and other organizational attributes. 

Guidelines were developed for acute care hospitals, but may be used in a variety of health care settings as most of the core competencies have broad applicability. The core competencies were developed using two job task analyses as a starting point. In the second phase of development, subject matter experts determined which competencies should be elevated to the core level. 

Core competencies for technicians reflect their hands-on everyday responsibilities as well as the knowledge base, principles and practices that should guide technicians in carrying out these responsibilities. Competency areas include cleaning and disinfection, linen handling, infection prevention, waste handling, safety, communication, patient focus and customer service, and emergency preparedness and response. Core competency areas for supervisors, managers and directors include environmental sanitation, textile management, waste management, compliance and administration. Managers and directors also have core competencies related to financial stewardship, and planning, design and construction.


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Originally published in the Fall 2020 issue of HR Pulse Magazine.