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  Spring 2016



Fighting Antimicrobial Resistant Bugs as Part of the Team
By Sheryl S. Jackson

Preparing for a Chemical or Biological Emergency Pay attention to the details upfront
By Sheryl S. Jackson

Meet a T-CHEST
An interview with Patrick Covington, T-CHEST



Winter 2015

The Future of Health Care Textiles and thier Effect on the Patient Experience
By Gabrial Boardman

How Environmental Services, Infection Prevention, and Health Care Laundry Can Enhance Linen Stewardship and Awareness
By Chad Basham, MBA, CHESP, Nellie League, MSN, RN, NE-BC, and Lynn Moreau, BSN, RN

Simple Ways to Encourage Collaboration to Prevent Disease Transmission
By Gail Fraine, RN, MMHC, BSN, CIC

Purchasing Hospital Textiles with Value Analysis in Mind
Q&A with Terri Nelson, RN, MA


Fall 2015

Message from the AHE President - Go Big in Grapevine!
By Greg May, BA, CHESP

EXCHANGE 2015 - Ensuring All Healthcare Environments Contribute to Quality and Healthy Communities

Maximize Your Time in Grapevine - 10 Tips to Amplify Learning Potential at EXCHANGE 2015 
By Heather Williams

Labor vs. Technology - Can a Robot Process a Hospital Roo as completely as a Human?
By John Scherberger, BS, CHESP, REH

Meet a CHESP - Perpetuating the Professionalism of Our Indusrty
An interview with Larry Ingram, CHFM, CHSP, CHC, CHESP

Summer 2015


Message from the President  - Imapt Beyond Scope
By Greg May. BA, CHESP

Creating Leaders on the Frontline - Exploring the New CHEST Program's Effectiveness, ROI, and Impact on the Prfession
By Heather Williams

Design Essentials - Hospital Cleanliness, Design, and Environmental Services' Integral Role
By Paul Picciurro, CHESP

Workloading in Environmental Services - Why it is so Important to Your Success
By Karen Hill-Whitson

Spring 2015


Engaging and Propeling Environmental Services - Learning About the Value of AHE Education
Written by Heather Williams

Empowering Frontline Staff - AHE Announces the Certified Helathcare Environmental Services TechnicianTM
Written by Sandra Rials, MS

Learning is Continuous - Five Pillars to Ensure You Never Stop
By Walt Grassl

Leadership in Education - Best Practices for a Strong Foundation
By Colby C Morris, CHESP

Winter 2014

EBOLA-Preparedness for Environmental Services Professionals
By J. Hudson Garrett Jr.,

Emergency Preparedness Strategies - General Elements of Infection Prevention, Emergency Response Plans
By J. Hudson Garrett Jr.,
and Fiona Nemetz, MS, CHESP

A Vital Service-Textile Care Processing and Distribution Standards
By Rock Jensen, Senior Consultant, Soriant Healthcare

Innovation Award Winner

Fall 2014

Transformational Leadership - 10 Traits to Lead Your Team on the Path to Change
By Paul Picciurro, CHESP

Building Leaders - How and Why You Need to Develop a Leadership Training Program
By Colby C. Morris, CHESP

Successful Thoughts and Action - Getting What We Want Out of Life
By Chip Madera, MS, CSP

An Era of Antimicrobial Resistance
The Rising Threat of Superbugs
By J. Hudson Garrett, Jr., PhD, MSN, MPH, CSRN, VA-BC™, CHESP


Spring 2014

The Future of EVS: EVS is Changing - Prove Your Value
By Colby C. Morris, CHESP

Legionellosis - An Unintended Consequence of Building Water Systems
By Eric R. Myers, MSc; Scott W. Millar, BS; and John H. Hanlin, Ph.D.

Encouraging Positive Change -The Leadership Development Program at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
By Paul Picciurro, CHESP

AHE Voices - Leaders Share their Expertise Related to Healthc Care Reform and its Impact on the EVS Profession
Q & A with Rock Jensen and Greg May, CHESP

Winter 2013


A Critical Part of Prevention: The Increasing Role of Environmental Services in the Battle Against HAIs
Written by Bill Slezak

Measured Success: A Dashboard in Excellence for Environmental Services
Written by Thomas Peck, CHESP

AHE Voices: Leaders Share their Expertise Related to Infection Prevention Q&A
With Candace Thompson, CHESP, and Lea Beach, CHESP

EXCHANGE 2013: A Wrap-Up of this Year’s Unforgettable Event


2016 Editorial Calendar

Q1 / SPRING – The Workforce Issue

Q2 / SUMMER – Global Health Security

Q3 / FALL – Professional & Leadership Development

Q4 / WINTER – Sustainability in Environmental Services



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