Awards and Recognition Program

The deadline for all awards is July 10th at 4:30 p.m. PST

Phoenix Award- *Open to members only

Started in 1987, the Phoenix Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an AHE member. The Phoenix Award recognizes a professional who has made an unselfish, lasting impact as well as outstanding contributions to the growth and professionalism of AHE, the membership, and to the professionalism AHE and environmental services.

Heart of Healthcare Award

Developed by the Association for the Healthcare Environment and Kimberly-Clark Professional, the Heart of Healthcare Award recognizes and honors outstanding frontline environmental services technicians making a contribution to support safety initiatives and reduction and prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

The program purpose is to elevate the critical role that frontline environmental services technicians play in the care of patients and the healthcare environment. Step up for someone you know is doing an outstanding job in environmental services by nominating him or her today!

Innovation Award    

The AHE Innovation Award has been developed and designed to recognize and increase awareness of Products, Processes, and Technology Advancements that empower individuals to improve measured outcomes in caring for the healthcare environment. AHE recognizes the importance of being inclusive in its efforts to recognize the “best and brightest” as we look to challenge the existing expectations of performance, behavior, engineering, and quality outcomes through innovation. 

Innovations must be commercially available or otherwise already in the public domain as this award is intended to increase awareness of available solutions.

This application requires a nominal application fee of $300 at the time of application.

Environmental Services Department of the Year Award

The award recognizes and celebrates best practices in cleaning and caring for the environment. It was designed to highlight the outstanding achievements of a leading-edge environmental services team in maintaining high levels of performance in cleaning, disinfecting, infection prevention, environmental sustainability and stewardship, use of technology, patient satisfaction, education, and training in critical areas. Environmental services departments are key contributors to a hospital’s overall success when measuring patient satisfaction, timely patient flow, infection prevention, environmental stewardship and providing a clean, safe health care environment.

The Environmental Services Department of the Year Award provides national recognition for the significant contributions made by an environmental services department to the overall patient experience and achieving a health care organization's mission.

J. Owen Flynn Award

The J. Owen Flynn Award is presented annually to an individual who displays the qualities that were admired in Mr. Flynn.  Formally educated as a chemical engineer, J. Owen Flynn developed his business and management skills over a fifty-two year career. Mr. Flynn was sincere, faithful, intelligent and a true gentleman who was committed to the welfare and success of others. In a sense, his life’s work was making others feel good about themselves.  His sharp mind and great sense of humor always made it a joy to be in his presence.  He had a passion for work, life, and the community.

The J. Owen Flynn Memorial Award is presented to one who, without compensation or personal gain, performed a service or services to the benefit of their hospital, community, state, or country. This service may be in the form of community projects, civic work, or charitable services. 

James Wolfbrandt Award

James Wolfbrandt was a founding member of AHE, served on the board of directors and as an AHE President. He also served as President of the Greater Philadelphia AHE Chapter. Even with a busy workload as a Director of Environmental Services, Jim was always available to mentor and lead his colleagues. He actively sought out opportunities to help others learn from his successes and failures. Prior to his untimely death in 1994, Jim received the 1993 Phoenix Award for his commitment to AHE and the profession. This award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies Jim’s consistent commitment to mentorship.

General Information:

  • Candidates may be nominated by an AHE member or non-member or may nominate themselves.
  • The current AHE Recognition Committee will select award winners based on submitted nominations.  The committee may request additional information if needed.
  • All submissions become the property of AHE.


  • Please click the award name to download the PDF application.
  • Scan all applications to ahe@aha.org 
  • Review the criteria for each award and submit the application for the award that best fits your own personal experience or for a person you feel best deserves that award.
  • Award Applications must be submitted by the deadline specified. 
  • No supporting materials may be sumbitted unless requested. 

We encourage you to nominate your peers, but don't hesitate to nominate yourselves as well. This is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate to the membership the stellar work you have been doing in your hospitals and in your communities. The nomination and selections process for all awards will remain consistent with what we did last year.

The Phoenix Award
AHE's the highest honor bestowed upon an AHE member. The Phoenix Award recognizes the member who has made an unselfish, lasting impact through above/beyond, outstanding contributions to the growth and professionalism of AHE, its members and to the profession.


The Heart of Healthcare Award
Introduced at the 2011 Association for the Healthcare Environment Annual Conference, AHE and Kimberly-Clark Professional have collaborated to sponsor a new awards program called the Heart of Healthcare Award. This award is in recognition of the important role frontline Environmental Services professionals play in supporting safety initiatives and furthering the goals of their institutions in reducing healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates among patients or residents.  Speak up for someone you think is doing an outstanding job in Environmental Services by nominating him or her today. (AHE membership not required).


The Environmental Services Department of the Year Award
ponsored by Health Facilities Management (HFM) and the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE).   If you’re looking for a chance to shine the spotlight on your environmental services department or housekeeping team for their dedication and excellent work, a golden opportunity to honor them presents itself once again.


The AHE Innovation Award
Introduced by the AHE Industry Advisory Task Force at EXCHANGE 2013, this award is to recognize and increase awareness of improved products, processes, and technology Advancements that empower individuals to improve measured outcomes in the healthcare environment.