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Professional Active Membership (PAM)

PAM shall be available to an individual employed in a health care facility (i.e. an organization that provides direct patient care such as an acute care hospital, long term care, ambulatory care center, etc.) with the majority of time spent directing environmental services operations. PAM members may serve on committees and task forces, vote and hold office in accordance with Article 7.
$150 annual membership fee
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Associate Membership (ASC)

ASC shall be available to an individual who is employed by a company or organization other than a healthcare facility that may provide PAM members with professional, technical, consulting services and/or products. This may include personnel from healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, distribution companies, societies and associations, foundations, corporations, academic institutions, commercial and consulting firms, agencies or organizations and other corporate level professionals not directing environmental services operations on a day to day basis but have an interest in and a desire to support the objectives of AHE. ASC members may serve on committees and task forces, vote, and hold office in accordance with Article 7 Section 7.1.
$200 annual membership fee
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Ally Membership (ALLY)

ALLY membership shall be available to non-environmental services practitioners employed in a healthcare facility full time and having an interest in the care of the healthcare environment and/or interest in supporting the objectives of AHE. This may include but is not limited to professionals in facilities and support services roles, nursing, infection prevention, human resources and quality, Ally members may serve on committees and task forces, vote and hold office in accordance with Article 7.  
$150 annual membership fee
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Orkin Gold Membership

Orkin provides complimentary AHE Membership to Orkin Gold Customers. Contact your Orkin representative to learn more.

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Notice: If you join with the wrong member type you will be moved into the correct member type. If you are an Associate Member (ASC) and you join as a Professional Active Member (PAM) or as an Ally (ALLY), then you will be required to pay the additional $50 or your membership will be cancelled.


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