Past Presidents

Gregory May, CHESP 2015
Michael Bailey, CHESP 2013 -14
Kent L. Miller, MHA, CHESP 2012
Gary L. Dolan, CHESP 2011
Fiona Nemetz, CHESP 2010
Tina Cermignano, CHESP 2009
Tina Cermignano, CHESP 2008
Rose Hamann, CHESP    2007
Brett Higgins, CHESP 2006
Thomas “Tony” Fitzgerald, CHESP 2005
Thomas “Tony” Fitzgerald, CHESP 2004
Mike Morley, CHESP (Deceased) 2004
Weston Thiss, CHESP 2003
Weston Thiss, CHESP 2002
Sidney Pittman, CHESP (Deceased) 2002
John E. Fitzgerald, Jr., CHESP 2001
Patricia Hockenberger 2000
Larry Collins 1999
Roger Millirons, CHESP 1998
Thomas E. Alexandrowicz, CHESP 1997
Martin Shafer, DHESP 1996
Bruno Giacomuzzi 1995
James Connors, CHESP (Deceased) 1994
John Webb, Jr. 1993
James Woffbrandt 1992
Wayne Saxon, CHESP 1991
Pamela Blyth 1990
Janice Kurth 1989
Sidney E. Pittman, CHESP (Deceased) 1988
Janice Kurth 1987


To be the global authority on caring for the healthcare environment.

To ensure all healthcare environments contribute to quality outcomes and healthy communities.


- We value honesty as we work together with members, partners, vendors, and other key stakeholders
Leadership- We lead our industry through people, knowledge, and professionalism. 
Collaboration- We value working with others. 
Diversity- We value diversity of thought, staff, operations, members, products and services. 
Courage- We have the courage to stand up, even when we stand alone. 

Prevention. Education.
Standards. Management.