MyAHE Tutorial

MyAHE – previously known as the AHE Bulletin Board

The AHE Bulletin Board and education platform have been renamed MyAHE! We have made this change since MyAHE is so much more than a bulletin board and is only available to members. MyAHE allows you to network in real-time with peers and experts around the country. We want to make sure you are making the most of this robust members-only benefit since research has shown that networking is a top rated benefit of AHE members.

The below email covers the following tasks in MyAHE:

Logging on

Log-in to MyAHE through the AHE website to post questions, share documents, photos or videos, or start blogging today. Your same username and password for the AHE website provide access to MyAHE!


When you log-in to MyAHE for the first time you are invited to fill out a personal profile with your photo and additional information you’d like to share with others. When viewing discussions or the directory, you can select a photo or contact to view that member’s profile. Next to each name in the directory, you can click on the envelope icon to email that member directly.


There are separate discussion areas for:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Design and Construction
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • General, Infection Control
  • Patient Transport and Throughput
  • Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation
  • Sustainability
  • Textiles and Linen Services
  • Waste

Each area has on-going discussions and a record of all past questions and answers that members have talked about in that discussion area.

Taking Part in the Discussion

Click “Contribute” to create a post or comment. This opens the contribute form. You can attach images or files. To create a post that contains a linked reference to another member’s post, click the number on their post.

Live Chats

You can create a chat session with other members who are currently online. This is a great feature where you can even plan ahead with peers to be online at the same time to participate in a chat together. To participate in a “Quick Meeting” or online chat, click the link above the menu that tells you how many people are currently online. This will bring up a list of everyone who is currently logged on to MyAHE.

Select the names of the members you’d like to chat with, and click continue. This sends a meeting invitation, and when accepted, all parties are taken to a private chat room.

To contribute or post a comment, enter comments in the message text area, then click “Post.”

Your Personal Settings

Manage your personal setting in “Preferences” area. To edit you personal profile, click “Edit Profile.” If you haven’t done so already, you can enter your personal information to share, or upload your photo. Here you can subscribe to receive discussion posts directly to your email. In the preference area you can also select to change your password and other settings.


If you ever a technical question or need help, visit the help desk located at the bottom of the MyAHE menu. You can consult the user guide, or can enter your question in the text box and submit to MyAHE technical support. An email will be sent directly to support staff. If a help desk support staff member is online, you can invite them to a quick chat, and enter your question there. You can also contact AHE staff with question at 312-422-3860 or ahe@aha.org.

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