Signature Programs

Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention and Control for Environmental Services Professionals (CMIP) a new certificate program that provides environmental services leaders and professionals with the requisite knowledge to meet the CMS requirements for a “trained” professional in infection prevention and control specific to the clinical environment of care. Learn more>>

The Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) program offers a new certification for environmental services frontline workers. Learn more>>

The Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) status provides both internal and external rewards. CHESPs enjoy the pride of recognition of being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare. Learn more>>

The designation of AHE Fellow (FAHE) recognizes current AHE members for reaching the highest level of education and achievement in both the Association and in the environmental services field. Learn more>>

Environmental Sustainability Certificate
To acknowledge the ongoing and outstanding sustainability efforts of healthcare facilities - and environmental service departments in particular - the AHE presents the Environmental Sustainability Certificate Program. Learn more>>

Seal of Review and Recognition
The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program is designed to be a comprehensive review and formalized recognition process aimed at assisting healthcare professionals in selecting training and in-service programs that promote quality, safety and the most favorable outcomes for the healthcare environment and its related disciplines. Learn more>>