AHE is dedicated to providing its members with valuable education on the most relevant and pressing issues in health care, including environmental services and infection prevention. Looking forward, there’s a lot to cover, and we know we can’t handle it alone.

We want to hear from you:

As Environmental Services and Infection Prevention professionals, we know you have your “finger on the pulse,” but maybe you haven’t had the time or opportunity to collaborate with AHE. This survey will serve as a way for you to voice your opinion about what the hot topics in health care are and what areas are most lacking in terms of educational programs. Click on the survey link to tell us what webinars and podcasts you think we should develop.

Want your voice to be heard by others as well?

So much of AHE’s education is made possible only by the generous participation and expertise of our members. Do you have an important message you want to share about new processes, advances in technology, or other ES topics but don’t have the capacity to reach out to your peers across the nation? Have you ever watched an AHE Webinar and thought, “I could do that”? Well now’s your chance!

Click the survey link to volunteer yourself as a webinar speaker, podcast speaker, or online course facilitator.

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Advanced training opportunities:

AHE is currently seeking members to add to its Master Trainer family made up of some of the nation’s top experts in ES and ES training. Are you a T-CHEST or a T-CSCT that wants to take your skills to the next level? Click the survey link to apply for a Master Trainer spot.

Please note: Submissions to do not guarantee acceptance. Participants can expect to hear back from AHE by the 4th quarter of each year. Any questions or comments may be directed towards tbradach@aha.org.