Practice Guidance for Health Care Environmental Cleaning, 2nd Edition

This publication, prepared by the Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE) and edited by environmental services and infection control professionals, contains the recommendations for effective environmental cleaning in health care facilities. Targeted for directors and managers of health care environmental services, this book is designed to be a resource for proper cleaning techniques and procedures based on guidelines by the CDC, OSHA, the EPA, and other regulatory or governmental agencies. Professionals new to the industry and those looking to update their policies and procedures manuals will be particularly interested in this new and revised publication.

Practice Guidance for Health Care Environmental Cleaning provides evidence-based research, guidance and recommended practices that should be considered for inclusion in a well-executed health care environmental services program. Because each health care facility has its own specific needs, this manual has been designed to serve as a resource EVS professionals can use to enhance an existing program.

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Content Areas

  • Environmental Services Basics
  • Infection Prevention
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Precautions for Infection Control and Prevention
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Special Procedures
  • Cleaning Spills
  • Medication Storage
  • Outpatient Treatment Areas
  • Exam Treatment Areas
  • Emergency Department
  • Acute Care Burn Unit
  • Nursery/Labor and Delivery
  • Isolation Room
  • Patient Room
  • Surgical Area
  • Clinical Support Areas
  • Common Areas