September 10-16, 2017
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Daily Webinars

Best Kept Communication Secrets Webinar
Monday, September 11

Are you ready to discover what great communicators know and practice in order to be great leaders and highly valued team members? In this powerful and fast-paced program, communication secrets of top performers will be unveiled. Learn to present with confidence, create instant rapport, create “buy in” plus:

  • What great communicators do differently and how to learn from them.
  • Present with confidence and power.
  • Leverage the power of non-verbal communication secrets superstars use.

Critical Skills for the High Caliber Leader
Tuesday, September 12

Be the kind of leader others like to work with and for. High-caliber leaders use positive, future focused, and clear communication to enhance employee engagement, achieve strategic business objectives, and get the most from their team.  Discover the critical skills to boost your leadership success.

Emotional Intelligence: It's the Other Kind of Smart
Wednesday, September 13

Emotional intelligence is a crucial success skill. Emotionally intelligent professionals have the people skills vital to success. Discover how to be the master of your emotions, how to disagree without being disagreeable, to think before you speak, and much more.

High-Caliber Communication: Chart a Career by Choice Not Chance
Thursday, September 14

Is career advancement on your agenda? Are you looking to be a more effective leader and team member? Would you like to take your communication skills to the next level of effectiveness?

In this fast-paced, content rich on-line event, learn how:

  • Boost your communication effectiveness and drive results.
  • Leverage High Caliber Communication for Enhanced Leadership and Career Success.
  • Pump up personal and team productivity with high caliber communication.

The Language of Leadership
Friday, September 15

Leaders choose their words wisely.  Leaders recognize that words matter.  Learn what to say and what not say.  Discover the surprising “bad habits” most professionals need to break and what to say and do instead.  With an emphasis on small changes that yield big results, this program takes your communication to the next level of effectiveness.