Comprehensive Training & Curriculum

The VPEI curriculum is built around four core competencies, and is designed to help participants cultivate and demonstrate their ability to analyze, evaluate, influence, and justify cleaning and disinfection decisions (products & processes) that impact patient safety and quality of care.

The 2-day workshop uses multiple modalities including classroom instruction, video, games, small group discussion, hands-on activities, and take-away tools to allow learners the opportunity to process and apply the concepts and skills being taught. The certificate program is designed around a real-life example of a director at a facility creating an actionable plan for change based on the principles of value analysis. Participants identify credible research and data to make a sound purchasing decision, identify key stakeholders, and craft an evidence-based proposal to influence value analysis team members.

The program focuses on the value of building credibility within your organization, and the foundational steps required to create a path to being recognized as a thought leader within your institution and having “a seat at the table" when it comes to decision-making.

Primary Learning Objectives

Upon completion of VPEI Certificate of Mastery Program, participants will be equipped to:

  1. Analyze available data regarding products, techniques, and technologies to inform decision making.
  2. Evaluate a product, technique, or technology for budgetary, operational, and cultural fit within their facility.
  3. Influence stakeholders to support cleaning/disinfection recommendations using communication best practices.
  4. Justify cleaning and disinfection decisions, balancing data-driven outcomes with strategic initiatives.

Taking Leadership to the Next Level

The training places strong emphasis on not only what it takes to stay relevant in your management position, but to lead with confidence.

The VPEI certificate program is designed help leaders succeed as they:

  • Operate as part of a multi-disciplinary team that may have competing interests
  • Align their department’s strategic goal with the facility’s
  • Interact professionally and confidently with clinicians, administrators, supply chain, and infection prevention specialists
  • Develop and apply analytical and  communications skills
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in purchasing and change management tactics
  • Transform their methodology from a more tactical approach to a strategic one