The designation of AHE Fellow (FAHE) recognizes current AHE members for reaching the highest level of education and achievement in both the Association and in the environmental services field. Only presented to Certified Health Care Environmental Services Professionals (CHESP), FAHE status is given to active members who have excelled in specific areas and have submitted an acceptable, original, unpublished paper on a current aspect of environmental services.

The AHE's Professional Recognition of Achievement Program is a part of the American Hospital Association's Action for Professional Excellence (APEx) Program. This program is designed to recognize career achievements in the following areas:

  • formal education
  • health care environmental services experience
  • publication of articles
  • participation in national and local AHE and other applicable professional activities participation as faculty in AHE/AHA or other national and local seminars
  • institution and community health care projects as they relate to the field

The challenging criteria associated with this program reflects the increasing complexity associated with preparation for a career in the field of health care environmental services management. It is designed to both encourage the members of AHE to set achievement goals that promote continued professional growth and to recognize members who have exhibited exceptional achievement in this area. 

A CHESP member may apply for the FAHE designation three years from the date in which certification was received. Points submitted must have been accumulated by the applicant after attaining CHESP certification. 

Application Review Schedule 

Professional Recognition of Achievement applications are reviewed by the AHE Professional Recognition of Achievement Committee (PRAC). Review occurs as the twice per year in January and June at the end of the month. Once all requirements are met, the PRAC Committee submits recommendations to the AHE board of directors for final approval.

Criteria and Application

Professional development, participation in professional and society-related activities at both the local and national level, contributes to professional development through the sharing of ideas and concepts. These activities contribute to and strengthen an individual's leadership skills, knowledge base, and professional qualifications. They are an important factor in the formula for success in the delivery of health care environmental services.

  • After submission and feedback from the review committee, the paper may only be resubmitted once with corrections
  • If paper is still not up to the expert level set in the guidelines after corrections, applicant must reapply for the next cycle and submit a new paper topic and outline to be approved
  • Fellow papers must meet expert level as outlined in the guidelines
  • Fellow papers are representative of AHE and must reflect as such

FAHE Application

Paper Guidelines Please read before submitting application and outline. Paper guidelines include: scoring rubric, writing guidelines, and suggestions for topics. Picture must accompany application.

Agreement Please sign and submit the agreement with your application. Submitted content becomes the property of AHE.

Fellow (FAHE) Recipients

  • Osmond Adams, HEM, FAHE, CHESP
    Senior Facilities Manager
    Kaiser Permanente
  • Michael Catanzaro, FAHE, CHESP
    Director, Environemental Services
    Wentworth-Douglass Hospital
  • John Scherberger, FAHE, CHESP
    Healthcare Risk Mitigation
  • Carl Solomon Sr. MBA, FAHE, CHESP
    Director, Environmental Services
    UC San Diego Health System - La Jolla and San Diego
  • Waymon Saxon, FAHE, CHESP
  • Donna Butler, FAHE, CHESP
    Director, Facilities
    Brown University
  • Pamela S. Starlin, FAHE, CHESP
    Director, Facility Operations
    Fairfield Medical Center
  • Kent L. Miller, MHA, FAHE, CHESP
    Director, Environmental Services/Sustainability Coordinator
    Mercy Health St. Mary's


  • The applicant must be a member of AHE in good standing and hold a CHESP
  • Maintain 5 years of continuous membership
  • No lapse in CHESP for the past 2 years
  • AHE members may apply for recognition when they have met the tenure requirement and attained the minimum number of points
  • The continued right to use the AHE recognition level designation of FAHE after one's name is contingent upon continuing national membership in AHE