Making an Impact

Learning Module 5: Making an Impact (2 hours)

  • Discuss: The importance of asking questions; how to be proactive.
  • Video: Watch a technician learn about a change in the day's duties and how she effectively communicates with the team to address these changes. Discuss the video.
  • Activity: Learners will come up with a plan to gather information at the beginning of their shift. Afterward, the class will discuss each learner's plan to see a range of ideas.
  • Activity: Learners will split into teams and participate in a review game based around answering questions and earning points.
  • Activity: In their workbooks, learners will create a plan of action to implement ideas that they have learned during the entirety of the course.
  • Review: To finish, there will be a review of the entire course, including time for questions at the end as well as information about the certification exam.