CHEST training workshops are comprised of 24 hours of required classroom instruction. The content covered during the workshops consists of seven domains: Cleaning and Disinfection, Waste Handling, Floor Care, Linen Handling, Infection Prevention, Safety, and Communication. Each domain is covered in a series of 10 modules: Infection Prevention and Control, Assignments with Supervisor and Other Staff, Cart Setup and Handling Chemicals, Occupied Room #1, Unoccupied Discharge or Transfer Room, Isolation Room, Occupied Patient Room #2, Common Area, Specialty Areas, Uncommon Situations, Wrap up and Review and, Additional Practice. Each module requires a predetermined amount of instructional hours and has its own set of distinct learning objectives.

Learning Objectives





20% Cleaning and Disinfection

10% Waste Handling

5% Floor Care

10% Linen Handling

20% Infection Prevention

15% Safety

20% Communication