Part 1 of this how-to series will show you how to set up a test date and guide test takers to completing the participant form.


Part 2 of this how-to series demonstrates how to use AHE's Smartsheet system to retrieve test codes and redeem your test.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Where can I find the test request form, participant form, or the link to my Smartsheet? 

All 3 links can be found in the email you received from

 I just finished training my first class, when can I start testing? 

You must complete your test request form 7 business days prior to your exam.

 When should I have my participants complete their participant forms? 

We recommend you do this on the first day of your class, although it must be done at least 5 days prior to the exam date.

 Why aren't my participants showing up on my Smartsheet? 

Participants will not show up on your facility's smartsheet until after they complete the participant form.

 My participant completed the participant form, but they are still not able to log in. 

After completing the participant form, participants will receive 2 emails. Please be sure to read both carefully and follow the prompts to register their account.
These steps are required before a participant can log in.

 When and where will I receive my test codes? 

Test codes are uploaded to your facility's Smartsheet 2 days prior to your test date.

 Why isn't my test code working? 

Test codes are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear on the smartsheet.
Also, test codes can only be used one time. If someone is re-testing, a test request form and participant form must be completed again.

 My certificate hasn't arrived/certificate arrived but has incorrect information 

Email us at Please note: certificates may take 3-5 weeks after your test completion to arrive.


Any additional questions can be directed to