Environmental services technicians who have earned their CHEST must submit a renewal form every three (3) years along with a renewal application form. You can confirm your expiration date by reviewing the Current List of CHEST Certificants.

Option One: Continuing Education

Indidicate on the Renewal Application Form if you have completed 15 hours of continuing education (including relevant in-service classes) within the past three (3) years. For this renewal cycle only, you do not have to submit a list of your continuing education classes.

Option Two: Successful CHEST Re-examination

Renewal by this option requires re-taking and passing the CHEST Examination no more than one (1) year prior to certification expiration date.

You should first complete a Renewal Application Form and submit it to AHE, along with your payment. After the application is processed, AHE will notify your facility of the test request and they will get in touch with you to schedule the test.

Renewal Fees

Renewal Fee - $35.00 per person

Late Fee - $25.00 per person (total due would be $60.00)


CHESTs who successfully renew their certification will receive their new certificates within 4-6 weeks of application processing. CHESTs who re-take and pass the exam should allow 4-6 weeks from the date of the exam to receive their certificate. 

Please contact us at CHEST@aha.org if you have any questions.