AHE Presents the Updated Certified Health Care Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) Facilitator Guide

The CHEST Facilitator Guide was recently updated and includes a new look as well as updated material. Click here for a list of the revisions. 

If you would like to order a new CHEST Facilitator Guide, please click here for the order form. Complete the form, include payment, and email it to AHE at CHEST@ahe.org. The price of the Guide is $50.00, which includes shipping costs. Keep in mind that Facilitator Guides are not available through PBD, nor AHA's eStore. They are only available by contacting AHE directly.

For questions about the new Guide, please email us at CHEST@aha.org.

As part of the Facilitator Guide update, Module 10 game cards also received cosmetic updates. If desired, please access the CHEST box folder to re-print these game cards.

Updated CHEST Participant Guides are also available through PBD, AHA's book fulfillment center.