The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association invites those interested in presenting at its EXCHANGE 2019 to submit a proposal for review by the Conference Planning Committee.

We’re looking for dynamic presentations that inform attendees of proven best practices, push the leading edge of the profession, and motivate the pursuit of excellence. We are particularly interested in the presentation of research papers, evidence-based practice guidelines, innovative technology, and advanced solutions-oriented education sessions.

The following topics are of primary interest:

Environment of Care

  • Environmental hygiene and sanitation
  • Chemicals and chemistries (Efficacy, Challenges, Benefits)
  • New technologies including discharge disinfection technologies

Infection Prevention and Epidemiology

  • Practical application of the latest infection prevention research
  • Emerging and Novel pathogens
  • Best Practices in Infection Prevention
  • Integration of the ES Professional in the Infection Prevention Programs
  • Creating Unit Based Infection Prevention Champions
  • Creating and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Solutions
  • Introduction to Infection Prevention Evidence and Research
  • Environmental Monitoring Tools (ATP, Black Light, Culturing)


  • Staffing models and industry standards (square footage; actual work performed, time studies)
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee life cycle – recruitment strategies, retention activities and performance management
  • Best Practices in Staff Training and Development

Waste Management and Sustainable Operations

  • Innovative and cost-saving solutions


  • Performance excellence including Lean, Six-Sigma and other quality improvement programs
  • Benchmarking
  • Process Improvement
  • Succession Planning

Laundry and Textiles

  • Selection
  • Processing
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Infection Prevention Considerations


  • Patient/Customer Service
  • Patient Experience of Care

Patient Transport

Employee Safety and Injury Prevention

Technology and Innovative Approaches

  • Innovative ideas – “What Works”

Population Health Management

  • Medical Homes
  • Aligning Quality Incentives with Outcome Measures

Regulatory Compliance (TJC, OSHA, EPA, CDC, CMS, DNV, and FDA)

Design and Construction

The goal is to provide a challenging, comprehensive and diverse educational program that delivers a best-in-class, advanced-level learning experience for attendees.

Presentations will be evaluated based on overall quality, relevance to the environmental and support services industry, practical applications of the content, timeliness of the topic, and speaker qualifications. Materials submitted must be the presenter’s original work, referencing all external sources. Presentations, wherever possible, should be in a format that encourages active participation by attendees.

Biographical Data and References:
For each speaker, include as a minimum:

  • Name
  • Physical Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Preferred Primary and Secondary Contact Phone Numbers
  • Highest Level of education attained
  • Current position/title
  • Name of organization
  • Certifications, designations, qualifications and relevant speaking experience (that address qualifications to present)
  • Summary of what qualifies the speaker as an expert on the topic
  • Contact information (work phone number and email address) for three references
  • Relevant articles and publications from the past 3 years

Multiple Submissions: No more than two proposals from any one speaker or organization (except academic organizations) will be considered. Please complete a separate submission form for each proposal.

Length of Presentation: Presentations are 1¼ hours, including time for questions. It is important to design your content around this time frame as time limits are strictly enforced.

Conference Fees:  One speaker per session will receive a full complimentary conference registration. Co-presenters and panel presenters pay the full conference registration fee.  All travel, lodging and meal expenses are the responsibility of the speaker. 

Please note:  Consultants, business owners, suppliers, distributors and other non-healthcare facility-based professionals do not receive reimbursement of any kind and are responsible for all expenses.  

Conflict of Interest and Continuing Education Requirements for Presentations:  All presentations are subject to final review and approval by the EXCHANGE Conference Planning Committee, AHE Staff, and the Conference Nurse Planner to ensure compliance with conflict of interest and continuing education policies and procedures. All commercial influence or bias is strictly prohibited in accordance with these policies. Product or industry service presentations will not be accepted.

Conference presentations (including the PowerPoint) will be professionally recorded and made available for sale. 



 Questions? Contact AHE at or 312.422.3860


Important Dates

  • October 19, 2018: Call for Presentations Opens            
  • December 7, 2018: Call for Presentations Ends        
  • March 1, 2019: Notification of Approval                
  • August 21-24, 2019: EXCHANGE 2019 in San Antonio, Texas