Applications Due 8/04/17


Serving on the AHE Board is a rewarding and unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the profession of Environmental Services.

The board is composed of seven (7) members: president, president-elect, past president, three (3) at-large members, and one associate member that serves as the Industry Liaison. This year there are three positions to be filled: two (2) At-large Board Member positions, and one (1) Industry Liaison Board Member position.

AHE Board Terms of Office

At-large board members

All board members are responsible for setting AHE policies and strategic direction, representing the interests of AHE constituents on strategic issues and healthcare trends. Board members must provide effective communication to members and must understand and be knowledgeable about the profession, the AHE vision, mission, and values and be willing to publicly support AHE decisions and activities. At-large board members shall serve a three-year term.

Industry Liaison

The industry liaison board representative is responsible for representing the interests of all AHE members while bringing the industry perspective to the board discussions on all AHE strategic, procedural, financial and policy-making decisions. Industry Liaison board members shall serve a three-year term.

Application Process

  1. Review background information (AHE Strategy Map, Board Position Summaries) to familiarize yourself with AHE Board Member duties and to learn about the commitment level required for participation.
  2. Complete your application and supporting documents (professional photo, reference list, consent form, self-assessment).
  3. Submit all completed forms to AHE will send you a confirmation email on receipt of documents.
  4. The AHE nominating committee will contact you to schedule an over the phone interview.
  5. The AHE nominating committee will make selections and notify applicants of their decisions.



 All materials must be submitted at the same time Late or Incomplete submissions absolutely will not be accepted. Use the checklist to be sure you have all submission requirements.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, August 04, 2017

4:30 PM CDT


Erin Horng
Operations Specialist
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