Heart of Healthcare Award

Developed by the Association for the Healthcare Environment and Kimberly-Clark Professional, the Heart of Healthcare Award recognizes and honors outstanding frontline environmental services technicians making a contribution to support safety initiatives and reduction and prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

Key characteristics of nominees:

  • Demonstrates by consistent practice the purpose and importance of diligently cleaning and disinfecting the high-touch objects in patient or resident rooms likely to become contaminated with pathogens capable of causing HAIs.
  • Has been recognized or named for interacting well with patients and patient families and is willing and able to explain why she or he is cleaning specific patient areas.
  • Demonstrates the importance of standard and transmission-based precautions for all patient-based contact in the healthcare setting by: Having the ability to explain it, and Correctly donning and removing PPE
  • Nurtures a sense of recognition, pride and accomplishment for the valuable role the Environmental Services department plays in keeping patients or residents safe and infection-free.
  • Is respected by other team members and other departments. 

2016 Heart of Healthcare Award Winner

Congratulations, Jean Williams of Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio! Please join me, Patti and Gary to accept this prestigious award for your accomplishments during nearly two decades of dedicated service. As part of the AHE and Kimberly-Clark Professional collaboration, we’d like to present you with this crystal award, a one-year membership in the Association for the Healthcare Environment, and a monetary gift. We hope this recognition will inspire others to follow your example and achieve similarly high levels of excellence.






Previous Award Winners

2016 - Jean Williams, Fairfield Medical Center, Lancaster OH
2015 - Dorthy Huffman,Mercy Hospital, Fairfield, OH
2014 - Marvin Dennis, Floor Care Technician, Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA
2013 - Jean Azor, Floor Care Technician, St. Joseph's Hospitals, Tampa, FL
2012 - Elsa Enriquez, UESW II, Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ



The Heart of Healthcare Campaign Education and Recognition tools provide vital support for best practices in cleaning and disinfecting the environment, as well as recognizing the frontline staff for maintaining a safe environment. The downloadable pdfs of these tools are now available FREE to you and your organization to print through the AHE website, compliments of KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL. 

Healthcare Toolkit Includes:

  • A Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Patient Rooms
  • 2 styles of patient room tent cards
  • Staff recognition certificate
  • 2 Environmental services recognition poster
  • Discharge card
  • Cleaning Checklist


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